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Personal / Reflections By On December 8, 2017

Pushing past the Holiday Blues

I’ve had a serious case of the blues this week. I’m not prone to it during the Advent season, I’m actually more likely to get this way in the summer when it’s hot. But this week has been one of the most depressing I’ve had in a long time. It definitely has to do with the cold going around the…

Family / Personal By On December 5, 2017

Favorite Christmas Movies

*This Post Contains Affiliate Links I’ve been taken out by a seasonal bug, along with the rest of the family, but when you have kids, “sick days” don’t really happen. So I bundled us all into the living room so I could camp out on the sofa with the kiddos. The boys snuggled and played, while I drank a lot…

Personal / Reflections By On December 2, 2017

The Boy and His Coffee

My oldest son loves watching me make coffee. Every morning he reminds me to make a pot, and settles back to watch the show. It’s a quiet part of our morning. He doesn’t say anything, just sits, quietly watching me clean the coffee grinder, filter and carafe. He is amazingly focused as I put everything back in the machine, set…

Personal By On December 1, 2017

Your Local Library, On Your Tablet With Overdrive

*This post contains affiliate links. Got a book lover in your family? Or are you the bookworm? We have a bunch of book lovers in our family, and most of us have now upgraded to e-books. My mother was skeptical of her Kindle Fire when my dad gave it to her for Christmas a couple of years ago. She was…

Gaming By On November 29, 2017

My Top 5 favorite”Board-Games” and Why I Love Them

*this post contains affiliate links To be honest, I was planning on writing on something completely different today. But I wanted to play some board-games, and since I had no one to play with this evening, this was the next best thing. So I tucked the boys into bed, pulled out my games, took some pictures and poured myself a…

Parenting / Playtime By On November 28, 2017

Hands Off! Encouraging Free-Play in Kids

We live in a Hi-Tech, hyper scheduled world. When I transitioned from working full time to staying at home with two little kids, I realized that I wanted to change that. After two years of heavy scheduling with one little kid and two parents working irregular hours, I wanted to spend some time focusing on relaxing our home schedule and…

Family / Parenting / Personal By On November 18, 2017

November: A Season of Thankfulness and Preparation of Advent

Thanksgiving is upon me, and I’m getting pumped up for my cooking and baking extravaganza. I love Thanksgiving dinner: roasting the turkey, cooking all the favorite casseroles, making pies; my favorite part is setting a pretty dining room table with a nice centerpiece, all the family china, and the heirloom serving dishes. I love feeding everyone, and fortunately, they love…

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