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To be honest, I was planning on writing on something completely different today. But I wanted to play some board-games, and since I had no one to play with this evening, this was the next best thing. So I tucked the boys into bed, pulled out my games, took some pictures and poured myself a large glass of wine.

A couple weeks ago, my sister Amy, Matt, the kiddos and I went to PAX Unplugged, a tabletop gaming convention, in Philadelphia. For a bunch of gaming geeks, this was fascinating and inspirational. I wanted nothing more than to get home, pull out a game and play. There were thousands of games, including board games, card games such as Pokemon and Magic the Gathering, and tabletop role-playing games, like Dungeons and Dragons. There was even a library where you could borrow games to play and return.

Ever since then, I’ve been itching to sit down and play some games with my family. Fortunately the holidays are upon us, which means we will have lots of opportunities play some games. So in preparation, here are five of my favorite games:

Favorite Classic Board Game: Clue Click Here to Buy on Amazon
Clue is by far my favorite classic board game. I have so many fun memories of playing it with my family as a child, and later with my friends in college and now with my husband. It is always on the top of our board game pile, and leads to a fun and sarcastic few hours of play.




Favorite Licensed Classic Reboot: Risk: The Dalek Invasion of Earth Click here to buy on Amazon
I am not, as a rule, a big fan of licensed games, especially remakes of classic games. But when my sister gave us this game last Christmas; I had an absolute blast with it. Risk is a game I’ve always enjoyed, and I was raised by a classic Whovian, so this was a match made in heaven. Even my dad, who claims he hates games, had good things to say about it. Granted, he was getting me to watch the original Dr. Who series when I was 5, so that was certainly a factor.



Favorite Party Game: Apples to Apples Click here to buy on Amazon
If you need something to play with a bunch of people, this is the game for you. My very worn out copy has gotten a lot of use in the last decade or so. In this game, since each player gets to judge the other players cards, there is a great importance on learning to understand and read players to learn their personal style. You are playing to people’s interests and sense of humor. Its a hilarious way to break the ice with new people, as well as get a good laugh with old friends.



Favorite Adventure Game: Munchkin Click here to buy on Amazon
It you’re a fan of role-playing games like Dungeons and Dragons or Pathfinder, than chances are you will enjoy Munchkin. In fact, there are so many spin off games to the original Munchkin, if you are a fan of something, chances are there is a version of Munchkin you will find fun. There are Wild West, Vampire, Super Hero, and even William Shakespeare themed games, to name a few. Each game has a dry sense of humor, fun, creative art design, and will guarantee that you will laugh as you kill monsters, steal treasures and stab your friends in the back. I’ve played a number of them, but the original can’t be beaten in my opinion.



Favorite Creative Strategy Game: Smash Up Click here to buy on Amazon
This game is bizarre. And I absolutely love it. Smash Up is another game in which you really get to personalize your play style for the game. This game consists of a bunch of themed decks of 20 cards, each player picks two and mixes them together. They then use these cards to try to take bases and collect points, the first to reach 15 points wins. Each deck is unique, with different strengths and weaknesses. Adding expansion packs broadens the capacity for creativity with game play. My personal favorite Smash Up: Robots and Princesses. You may judge me as you see fit.



So there you go. My five current favorite games. Leave a comment with some of your favorite games, I’m always looking for a new challenge.