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Got a book lover in your family? Or are you the bookworm? We have a bunch of book lovers in our family, and most of us have now upgraded to e-books. My mother was skeptical of her Kindle Fire when my dad gave it to her for Christmas a couple of years ago. She was the last person to get a Kindle in the family, since she prefers physical books. The rest of us, with our dust and mildew allergies, jumped for the opportunity to read, especially old favorites, without risk of sneezing and hacking coughs.

My favorite reading spot.

Mom quickly came around, when she learned about the e-library she could access through our local library. I’ve recently set up this program on my devices, and have gotten a lot of good use out of it. Our state has a large e-library program run by a company called Overdrive, and many of the counties in our state participate. (And I checked, many other states also have programs!)

With my current library card, I can access the thousands of books and audio-books available in a wide variety of genres. Each book has a limited number of copies available for check out, just like at the physical library, but I can put holds or join wait-lists for things I want to read. I can also easily request books be added to the collection if I can’t find what I’m looking for, just like at the local library.

One of my favorite things about it is that on a number of the books I can download the formatted book for my Kindle though Amazon, making it easy to read on my e-reader. However, they have information and apps for a number of types of e-readers, tablets, and phones, so there are lots of ways to enjoy your books.

I can get picture books to read with the boys, as well as plenty of interesting books for me and my husband to enjoy. I also love using the Overdrive Libby App on my phone to borrow audio-books to listen to in the car or at home. You can use that app on a number of devices to download e-books as well.

The best part of it is that it is part of my library card benefits; no extra monthly fees or other things to worry about. I just have to renew my library card to keep it active.

Here are the steps to see if this program is available in your area!

  1. Go to Overdrive and click the Find Libraries Near You Button on the banner of the page.
  2. Click on your local library, or search by your address, town, or postal code. Access the website for your local collection.
  3. Click the Sign-In button to register your library card. And fill any info your library requires for verification.
  4. Start searching through books and audio-books!
  5. Download any apps you need on your devices and register them with your library card. This will link everything to one account.

If you have any problems, go to your local library and ask the staff there for help. They will help you answer any questions or solve problems.

What are some of your favorite genres of books? Also, if you use them, what are some other digital programs offered by your library system, and what do you think of them? (For my non-US based readers, do you guys have programs like this?)

Happy Reading!