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My oldest son loves watching me make coffee. Every morning he reminds me to make a pot, and settles back to watch the show.

It’s a quiet part of our morning. He doesn’t say anything, just sits, quietly watching me clean the coffee grinder, filter and carafe. He is amazingly focused as I put everything back in the machine, set it up and push the on button.

He covers his ears as the grinder runs, pushing the freshly ground coffee beans into the filter. But he then sits there and smiles as he listens to the gurgles of the machine as the smell of freshly brewed coffee fills the air.

He often runs to the fridge to grab the creamer for me, even though I usually have it too high up for him to reach. And it’s not unusual for him to pull a stepping stool over so he can climb up and watch me fix my cup.

The morning coffee ceremony is important to him, a ritual that seems to set him up for the day. Even though he never takes a sip. He doesn’t like it on the rare days my husband makes the coffee, this ritual is for mommy to perform. It’s a strange thing to feel so strongly about, but I do the same thing, everyone does.

We all have little rituals we do during the day: the way you put on make up, prepare your breakfast, your routine for exercise, and when and how you meditate or do daily devotions. It’s how we can make order out of the chaos of our lives. The question is, what are good routines, and what are not.

As I prepare to close out 2017, it’s time to muse over what routines to build on, and what to replace. That’s what New Years Resolutions are, after all.

Just some thoughts over a cup of coffee my son lovingly watched me prepare.