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Today is my husband’s birthday. Having a birthday so close to Christmas is apparently no fun, since things start to meld together, our nephew’s is Christmas Eve, and I bet in a few years, we will hear a lot about it!! But we decided that for fun, we’d collaborate together and make a gift guide for the geeks in your life, so without further ado, let me give Matt a chance to introduce himself!

Hello, I’m Matt, and I am a nerd. I enjoy all things gaming including video games, card games, and board games. I love Dungeons and Dragons, The Lord of the Rings, and Harry Potter, and of course I plan on seeing the new Star Wars movie on opening day, much to Sarah’s introverted dismay.

I call Matt the Nintend-Nerd with good reason, he has a strong personal bias towards Nintendo products. But We’re also going to try and hit on some of Matt’s other fandoms and geeky interests.

When Sarah is writing the font will appear normally, and Matt’s words will be in italic. Also this list will include items we have as well as things that Matt has on his personal wish list!

  • Nintendo Switch: Nintendo’s newest console is one of the most unique gaming devices to ever be released, as it can change from a traditional console tethered to your TV to a powerful handheld system for more mobile gameplay. I absolutely love this gaming system for the fact that I can now take any game with me on the go. I don’t have to sit in front of my computer or TV to play my favorite games unless I really want to, which is an incredibly liberating experience, especially with two small children. And what is a game system without games? Here are some of our personal favorites:
  • Nerdy Paraphernalia:Every nerd loves to show off his or her nerdiness, so clothing, collectibles, or themed household items can be a fun and sometimes practical gift. Need a housewarming present for a Pokemon Fan? Look at these glasses! Here’s some other ideas:
  • Tabletop RPGs: Is there someone in your life that loves playing Dungeons and Dragons? Are they wanting to start using the newest edition? Or try out another game? There are quite a few Tabletop RPGs based on the Dungeons and Dragons model to try, including Doctor Who, Lord of the Rings, and Star Wars. (My sister is starting a 5thEdition DnD game, and we are looking forward to playing with her!)
  • Board Games: Both of us love playing board games, and card games as well, and there is such variety of games to play. If you want my (Sarah’s) list of games click here.
    Here are some of MY favorites, that Sarah didn’t deem worthy of mention:
  • Gift Cards: These may seem like a cop out, but you’re giving someone the option to choose something themselves, and permission to play or watch something special they enjoy, without feeling judged for it. For a Movie Lover, you can pay for their next big movie outing with a Fandango Gift Card. For a Nintendo Fan like Matt, a Nintendo E-Shop Card will give them the freedom to browse Nintendo’s expansive digital collection, and quite a few games are only available digitally. For Playstation there is the Playstation Store, and X Box the X Box digital gift card. Most PC Gamers use Steam and its huge library of new and vintage games.

Well that’s it, Matt’s geeky gift guide for 2017! Have fun with the geeks in your life.

Thanks for Joining!