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One of my favorite parts of Christmas shopping is planning out the stockings with my sister, we have a lot of fun searching for fun or useful small items to give people. For us, stockings are the first thing we open up on Christmas morning, and as children it kept me and my siblings occupied until breakfast. All other presents were for later on, so we always looked forward to our stockings and the goodies my mom would fill them with.

Now that I’m a mom myself, I get to do the stockings, and by far it is the most fun I have on my Christmas shopping list. Having trouble coming up with items for your stockings? Here’s some ideas to help you get started!

For everyone:

  • Snacks: What would stockings be without yummy treats? Every year we put candy and fruit in our stockings for everyone to enjoy as we open presents. Our treats of choice? Clementine Oranges, Lindor Truffles, and Candy Canes. 
  • Lip Balm: It gets cold and windy during the winter, and its always great to have some lip balm to protect your lips from getting chapped. Burt’s Bees is a personal favorite, but some of the more fun options may include this coffee and tea flavored lip balm, Coca Cola Flavored, and the ever popular Bacon Lip Balm. I usually buy a pack of lip balms and spread them out throughout the stockings.
  • PopSockets: This is one of those things I’ve been intrigued by, and I think would make a fun stocking stuffer. You can attach these little guys to your phone and pop them out to use a grip and stand. They even have a mount that you can use so you can secure your phone or tablet and use it in your car or on a wall. (I could see that being useful if you use your phone or tablet for recipes in the kitchen and want to keep them out of the mess.)
  • Books: I love small books  as a stocking stuffer. Some small notepads or journals like these,  along with some crayonspens, or even stamps, can be a great option for keeping kids, and some adults (I’ll raise my hand here) busy. MadLibs can be a fun stocking stuffer the whole family can enjoy together, along with joke books like this one

For Kids: I always love finding items for my little boys, especially since I remember how fun it was getting into my stocking as a little girl.

  • Toy Cars: Both of my little boys adore toy cars. For babies and toddlers, an O Ball Car is a great option. For older boys Matchbox Cars could be a fun toy to fill up their stocking with.
  • Balls: These little Christmas Character Balls are a really fun small toy to keep busy hands going for a while. My 10 month old loves chasing balls up and down the hall, and he loves textured balls like these.
  • Slinky: These were one of the most fun gifts I find in my stocking as a kid. I loved sending these things going down our stairs, and back and forth in my hands.
  • Bangles Rubber bangle bracelets were always fun to pull out and play around with.

For the Men in Your Life: I always have fun finding fun things for my husband, my dad and my brother. As a rule I try to find things that are fun, but also stick a few practical things in there as well.

  • Hand Creams: My husband tends to get really dry, rough skin in the winter so a good Hand Cream like this, is something he really likes getting before the weather gets really unpleasant.
  • Tools: a small screwdriver has been in the men’s stockings before. And, if there is one thing  both my dad and my husband would love is this Hex Key Set, to keep on hand for assembling furniture.
  • Clothes: Its not unusual for some silly holiday socks like these, or a funny tie, and once a pair of funny boxers, to find their way into a Christmas Stocking.

For Us Girls: I must confess, my sister and I may stack the stocking stuffing in our favor…

  • Sleep Mask: When you’re as sleep deprived as I often am with two little kids, these things can be life savers for travel, and even at home.
  • Self Defense Alarm: A simple way to have some peace of mind on your key chain.
  • Fuzzy Socks:  A staple of my at home winter wardrobe, I love the look of these!
  • Tea Infuser: I love the chance to whip up a quick cup of tea, and this cute little cat tea infuser, is an adorable way to enjoy your tea. It helps that it looks like my cat!

Well, there’s some fun ideas for your stockings! What are some fun things you put in stockings for your family?

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