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This week I’m prioritizing slowing down a little bit and focusing on planning next year, for the blog as well as my personal life. So I decided to spend a little time looking back at this year, and its amazing how far we’ve come. Last January, I was a very pregnant working mom; and on Valentine’s Day, I turned into a stay-at -home mom of two little boys. SO I focused on recovering from birth and bonding with my newest little boy. He’s my happy little pocket child, my constant little companion while I go through my day. And now, at 10 months old, he’s my brave little explorer boldly trying to walk and get into everything. 

Within a couple of months I discovered a new challenge: A toddler gamer. I came to the realization that my toddler wanted gaming to be something we allowed him to participate in, and he wanted it to be a special thing that he did with his parents. And My husband and I had to decide what to do, we could try to prevent it and have a great big upset, or we could create structure and rules for how he was allowed to join us. This sent me back into my notes on developmental psychology from college, as well as reading up as much as possible to come with a structure for how we could allow him to have fun playing with us, in the healthiest way possible. And I discovered I loved reading about play and how important it is, I became passionate about it.

I dove headfirst into being at home, but I did miss working, and the disciplines and creative outlets I had at my job. When I spoke to my husband about it, he suggested blogging to me. So I started thinking, and praying, about what to write about. I wanted a direction, a goal for a blog. I spent some time working on some other artistic and creative endeavors, and I let the idea stew for months. Suddenly, one day this fall I realized what I should write about: trying to raise a healthy, balanced, playful family, in spite of, and also utilizing technology. I was already passionate about doing this, and I knew other parents that were also trying to figure this out. 

I settled on the theme “The Family that Plays Together, Stays Together” and began blogging. I had no idea how to get started, I’ve never blogged before and putting myself out there was terrifying. But I started reaching out and joining some groups and networking around, in spite of feeling a bit nervous about it. I’ve spent the last few months dipping my toes in, and trying to figure out where I want to go, and I’m starting to feel that I’m finding some direction. I’ve felt surprisingly calm and collected about producing this blog, but I feel its time to start really pushing myself to become less casual about it and move forward to challenge myself. This week and next week, I will be focusing on, and writing about, what I have learned this year, as well as how I am setting some goals, both personally and for the blog.

Here’s to an exciting 2017, and a great year of growth in 2018!