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One of my biggest goals for 2018 for my family is to improve on the Monthly Theme Project I began last November. We found that it was great for teaching my boys about something, and helped us keep up communication. Over the next month, I’m planning on developing a better program for my family as well as others! We’ve found that having a theme for the month has not just benefitted our kids but us as well; it has helped us practice mindfulness, strengthen our faith and grow personally. I’m hoping to grow and develop into something even stronger.

I’ll be writing and developing more on that in the next couple of months, but here is some information on our theme for January:


One area that we could all work on is improving our physical organization as well as smooth out some of the kinks in our routines and housework. My eldest son is also ready to learn to be more responsible with his toys and morning and bedtime routines. So, in January we are going to work not just on doing, but learning what it means to be organized. And I’m going to try my best to make it fun!

The other themes have been more abstract and had more to do with conversation, some crafts and activities. This theme has more tangible goals to accomplish. I want all of us to develop a better idea of what it means to function as an organized family, and build better habits to keep ourselves organized in the long run.

I have a few plans to try and improve our organization. Our entire living space as well as our bedrooms need a good reorganize and purge, So I’m setting myself the personal goal of a 20 minute clean up and reorganize. These will include things like dressers, bedside tables and desk drawers, bookshelves, films, games, and toys. By tackling a smaller task every day it will be more manageable, and less stressful with my little boys.

For my kids, I want to focus on helping them learn more about their routine, as well as help them become better at tidying up their toys and space. I want them to feel more involved in how their toys are organized, and in managing their routine. I’m planning on developing a graphic routine display to help my eldest learn his routines for morning and evening. I’m hoping to make them something that can help him feel more involved in the day and self-sufficient.

Finally, I want to have a simple memory verse for each month for the kids to learn. While they may not always be a direct link to the theme for the month, I want to give them something to keep in their mind. For January, I have chosen 1 Corinthians 14:33a “For God is not a God of confusion but of peace.” Learning to memorize young will help them in the future.For God is not a God of confusion but of peace.

That is my theme for January. What are some of your plans as a family for January?