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While this isn’t a completely new game to many people, it was new to me and I wanted to share it as a fun activity for older kids, teens and adults. We’ve been visiting with my husband’s family for Christmas through New Year’s week , and my mother-in-law introduced us to a party game that she had played at her school’s Christmas Party.

My mother in law created a huge ball of cling wrap, and in the layers of the ball she had hidden candy, toys, and other small prizes. One player put on a pair of oven mitts and was given the ball, while the player to their right was given a pair of dice. When both were ready, the player with the dice began rolling the dice, while the one with the ball began to try and unwind it. When the player with the dice rolled two of the same number, both the ball, complete with mitts, as well as the dice were passed to the right, and the dice rolling and unwinding restarted. The game continued until the ball was completely unwound, and each player got to keep the prizes that fell out of the ball while they were unwinding it.img_0583

Let’s just say that things got crazy pretty quickly. The three little kids, my sons and nephew, stared on in befuddlement as their parents, grandparents, and the eldest of the cousins turned into a bunch of cling wrap wielding lunatics. My husband had a truly impressive run which was caught on video. When the candy and toys started to quickly hit the floor, the little boys jumped into the fray trying to grab whatever they could. Everyone came out with some fun prizes including pencils, candy, and other small trinkets. My sister-in-law got a pair of soft, fuzzy socks, and I unwound a set of superhero magnets that I get to add to my collection on the fridge. There were even a few dollar bills in the ball!

I think this game would be enjoyable for elementary kids and older, especially at parties or family gatherings. I imagined getting enough cling wrap to create a ball 5-6 foot in diameter, and dividing my church’s youth group into teams and letting them try to unroll it in our large reception hall. Imagine making part of a snow man, but in reverse. That would be fun to watch and play, but expensive to put together.img_0585

So, what do you need to make this happen?

  • Several strong rolls of cling wrap
  • Candy and small prizes like fun erasers, magnets, pencils, coins or dollar bills. (You could probably find everything at a dollar store or the prize area of a local party store)
  • A pair of dice
  • A pair of oven mitts
  • A bunch of excited and slightly crazy people sitting in a circle.

img_0572The Steps:

  1. Choose a larger prize as your anchor for your ball, and begin wrapping it in cling wrap.
  2. As you add layers, add more candy and prizes. Add new rolls of cling wrap until your ball is complete.
  3. Gather all your players in a circle, and hand your first player the ball and the pair of oven mitts, give the player to their right the dice. Once everyone is ready, preferably with cameras, you’re ready to start.
  4. The player with the dice will begin to roll, while the player with the oven mitts on their hands will begin trying to unroll the cling wrap ball. Once the dice roll two of the same number, the ball unrolling must stop, and everything shifts one player to the right. So, the person rolling dice will now have the ball, and the player to their right will have the dice. Any prizes unwound go to the player who had the ball.
  5. Repeat step four until all of the ball is completely unwound and all the prizes earned.

Enjoy the chaos!

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