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Well, I’m about halfway though the month, and I wanted to write a brief update about how our progress is going on our theme for the month. The results so far are mixed. In certain areas we’re about where I wanted to be, and in others we’ve fallen a bit behind, and that alone has been a lesson for me in attitude.


I’m a perfectionist by nature, so when I set myself goals I can get obsessive about getting them done. If life gets in the way, and I’m struggling to meet certain personal expectations, I can get down on myself. My husband sometimes tells me I’m “overambitious.” That never goes over well. It may be true, but more than anything else I just get down on myself when I mess up, or am not able to meet my standards.

January has been a bit of a rough month for us; everyone got sick with a nasty cold bug. I finally succumbed this past week, and it knocked me out badly. Between nursing everyone else and myself, my personal goal of doing a small organizing project got pushed to the side and I’ve gotten a few days behind. If I get the chance I might try to catch up, but I need to be realistic about that personal goal for the month and not keep kicking myself for not “succeeding.” So, I’m back on track and forgiving myself.


However, working on improving my kid’s routine has been going well. We started the month travelling, which meant that we were on a routine withdrawal when we got home. This helped with tweaking and improving certain areas of our routine. It took patience, but my son is now guiding himself through his bedtime routine. I’m hoping to improve our morning routine soon.

I wrote our memory verse for the month on a piece of cardstock and put it above our kitchen table. We’ve been going over it every evening, using hand signs to help my toddler memorize the words. I’m hoping to have it fully memorized by the end of the month.


I’m planning on posting a concluding piece toward the end of the month about how we finish up the month. On a plus side, my big goal of improving my sleep habits is already showing some signs of success, and I’ve been sleeping better and more regularly.

Till Next Time!

For God is not a God of confusion but of peace.