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Well, February is a particularly crazy month in our home since both of the boys have their birthdays. This year I’m planning celebrations for two little boys in one month, and I’m both excited and a little terrified. When it comes to celebrations and parties, its good to sit down and have a reality check about your expectations and what you are going to do.


How To Plan an Event

In my past life, before I was a stay-at-home mom, I worked at a church and one of my main duties was event planning. I have coordinated a conference, and worked with teams on four Fall Festivals, Two Retirement Parties and an ordination service to name a few. Planning events, both big and small, all have similar requirements. With organization and a touch of humor, event planning can be a wonderful way to earn a living, as well as enjoy time as a family.

Here are the steps to keep yourself organized:

  1. Determine the Big Picture. Sit down and plan the main aspects of the event. Also, write down all the people who will be helping you with your event, any family or friends, and what their responsibilities will be.
  2. Create your Budget: Decide your max budget, and then jot down budget lines for each portion of planning, such as venue, food, decorations, etc. As you make your final decisions and purchases, subtract your expenses from each budget line and balance your budget.
  3. Make your Master TO-DO List: Write down a list of everything you need to get done and assign due dates. Include all advance preparation, as well as day of set up and clean up duties. Then you need to DELEGATE duties to people for preparation. For example, I may ask my sister to research venues within my budget or ask my husband to pick out a cake and order it. I often divide the list into preparation, set up and clean up after the fact.
  4. Execute Your Plan: Everyone needs to work together to get all the tasks done for the event. (*make a habit of planning a little leeway in your schedule for unexpected hold ups)

Finally, have fun! You worked hard in advance to get things prepared, stuck to your budget and even remembered to write down and delegate the clean-up duties. You’re going to have the help you need to make clean-up a breeze. Good Job!

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How To Plan and Event