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Valentine’s Day is an exciting time of year for our family, and it is a wonderful holiday for projects involving a lot of visuals; that is what makes it great for this particular project. Today we’re going to talk about making your own memory game, and why it’s a great activity for you and your kids.

I remember when I was young, my mother used to make memory games and other visual activities for my brother. He’s autistic and has a lot of challenges when it comes to memory recall. We would play memory and other games using pictures to help him practice.


Memory is a great game for helping a child develop the ability to grow, well, their memorization skills. It can be fun, silly and easy to customize for events. Here’s the basic rules.

  1. Create a number of cards with pictures, make certain there are two cards with each image on it.
  2. Select a number of paired images and mix them up. Lay all the cards out face down.
  3. Each player takes a turn trying to find a pair of images. If they succeed, they get a second turn. Continue until you use up all the cards.

There are several ways to whip up a fast and easy memory game for your kids.  One of my favorites is getting some large stickers and using index cards to make a set of memory cards. Since its February, I was able to pick up some Valentine cards and use them as a set as well.


If you have the computer savviness, you can even whip up a set on your computer as well.

  1. Gather some pictures and make two copies of them to print. My favorite go-to site for graphics is Pixabay, both of which offer license free graphics you can use for various projects.Picture1.png
  2. Print off your pictures and glue them onto one side of the index card, or cardstock. Or, if you have the software, you can format everything onto a grid which you can print on cardstock and cut out. (I have Microsoft Publisher which I can use to do this, but there are lots of programs you can use)
  3. You can laminate the cards to make them more durable if you’d like, or if it’s a game for a one-time event, just use as is.

One of the best things about this project is that I can easily make new versions of the game for other holidays, themes, and events.


Some more advanced versions of the game could involve matching lowercase and capital letters, or a picture to the first letter of its name. These would work well for an older child.

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