Family / Parenting / Personal By On November 18, 2017

November: A Season of Thankfulness and Preparation of Advent

Thanksgiving is upon me, and I’m getting pumped up for my cooking and baking extravaganza. I love Thanksgiving dinner: roasting the turkey, cooking all the favorite casseroles, making pies; my favorite part is setting a pretty dining room table with a nice centerpiece, all the family china, and the heirloom serving dishes. I love feeding everyone, and fortunately, they love…

Personal By On October 30, 2017

Going Bump In the Night

I’ve always loved Halloween; my mom would always make us fun costumes to wear, and when I got older I loved handing out candy to the kids. I love the creativity that people show on Halloween. I also love things that are spooky but cute, like the Nightmare Before Christmas. Here’s a spooky story for Halloween: It’s a quiet evening…