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New Years 2018

Parenting / Personal / Reflections By On December 30, 2017

Goals for 2018

2017 was a year of change in our household, and it was a year where we established a new normal. We had a new baby, a new lifestyle with me staying at home, and I began blogging towards the end of the year. It was a year of laying groundwork and finding our new normal. 2018 is going to be…

Personal / Reflections By On December 2, 2017

The Boy and His Coffee

My oldest son loves watching me make coffee. Every morning he reminds me to make a pot, and settles back to watch the show. It’s a quiet part of our morning. He doesn’t say anything, just sits, quietly watching me clean the coffee grinder, filter and carafe. He is amazingly focused as I put everything back in the machine, set…