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Gaming With Toddlers By On January 12, 2018

Miitopia: Off We Go on A Wild Family Adventure

The happy land of Miitopia has a dark shadow looming over it. The Dark Lord has been stealing the faces of the citizens, and putting them on monsters. Its up to you to rescue the faces, return them to their owners, and stop the Dark Lord. Sounds like a happy story, right?

Gaming / Reviews By On November 11, 2017

Gaming with Toddlers: Let’s Do the Odyssey

Super Mario Odyssey Sarah’s Rating: 9.5/10 Rated: E 10+ Platforms: Nintendo Switch Developer: Nintendo Publisher: Nintendo Genre: Platformer, 3D, Action, Adventure This year has truly felt like the year of Nintendo, at least in our house. I have been calling my husband “Matt the Nintend-nerd” for approximately a decade, and this year, with the Nintendo Switch on the market, and a truly impressive lineup of…