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Personal / Reflections By On December 19, 2017

2017 In Review

This week I’m prioritizing slowing down a little bit and focusing on planning next year, for the blog as well as my personal life. So I decided to spend a little time looking back at this year, and its amazing how far we’ve come. Last January, I was a very pregnant working mom; and on Valentine’s Day, I turned into…

Personal / Reflections By On December 8, 2017

Pushing past the Holiday Blues

I’ve had a serious case of the blues this week. I’m not prone to it during the Advent season, I’m actually more likely to get this way in the summer when it’s hot. But this week has been one of the most depressing I’ve had in a long time. It definitely has to do with the cold going around the…

Personal / Reflections By On December 2, 2017

The Boy and His Coffee

My oldest son loves watching me make coffee. Every morning he reminds me to make a pot, and settles back to watch the show. It’s a quiet part of our morning. He doesn’t say anything, just sits, quietly watching me clean the coffee grinder, filter and carafe. He is amazingly focused as I put everything back in the machine, set…

Parenting / Reflections By On November 9, 2017

For New Moms From a Slightly Less New Mom

These last few weeks, I’ve had the pleasure of talking to people expecting their first baby. I got to listen to their excitement, joy, and sometimes naivete. I’ve also spent time talking to plenty of women who are just learning what it is to be a mom, are struggling to adjust to what life with kids is, and feel confused…